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, stuart. martha. martha: if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling, democrats suggest ad very interesting alternative the president could take into consideration, he could just mint a couple trillion dollar coins. the idea was floated by an analyst at washington research group. democrats like jerrold nadler says this is a great idea. there is a legal loophole that allows the treasury to print platinum coins of any denomination the president likes. republicans say no way. they are already introducing a bill to make sure it doesn't happen. seriously? give me a break. bill: they would be quite valuable. martha: really. bill: maybe not. martha: maybe not. bill: on the topic of money, president obama is settling on the new pick for treasury secretary. he might announce it sometime this week. jack lew would replace timothy geithner if confirmed. prior to this role he was the direct are to you of office of management and budget. before that lew was the first deputy secretary of state and management resources. martha: washington is still reeling from the president's nomination of chuc
and fought a whole bunch of debt ceiling battles with both democrats and republicans throughout my time in the administration, it's not a great law. it's not great ground to negotiate on, as well. if you're in the congress because you know at the end of the day it is going to have to be raised and shutting down government, you know, chris was there. we've gone through government shutdowns before. and congress never wins in that situation. and i think that would be the case today. the sequestration, though, there is a possibility of negotiation there because you have both sides who are going to feel some pain by those cuts. i agree with you, a deal was made on sequestration in order to get the debt ceiling. should have to live with it. >> now this -- >> a deal is a deal. >> right. >> this sequestration -- this spending cut today was done a year ago and they raised the debt ceiling. they're a year behind. and you work for bill clinton. and i am an admirer of many of bill clinton's economic policies. bill clinton, gingrich, a handshake was a handshake. they said they cut spending, they cut
the debt ceiling. let me bring in democratic strategy ted divine. msnbc contributor and former bush adviser robert tranum. a lot of people may glaze over when they hear about the debt ceiling again and may pay attention when the tax refund gets delayed. i'm sure they don't want phone calls, where's my check. is this what it's going to take to get lawmakers serious? >> it's events like this that will get them serious. this could affect the lives of millions of people. the government could be put in a position to default on 40% of the expenditures if it doesn't have the ability to borrow under a debt ceiling. this will affect america in so many fundamental ways. they just went through the fiscal cliff debate with the president and all of the polling coming out is saying the president got the upper hand of that in terms of public opinion. >> robert, do you agree with that? do you think it's going to get done or is there a possibility it's going to need some kind of push like tax refunds not going out to get them to get down to business? >> it sounds like day gentleman view all over again. it's
gingrich said it exactly right. a week before the debt ceiling hits, the entire world of global finance will come in, remind them of their class loyalties and enough of them will join with democrats to raise the debt ceiling. that's what will happen. they will have embarrassed themselves in the process. you know, greg sergeant of the washington post has been writing about this. a lot of them are starting to realize that. once you have a few of them llz 2 -- >> they haven't realized it yet. >> there's a dilutional loop with which this party operates. maybe john boehner and his elbow-like exile -- >> there's an elbow-like exile in dabbingry land. >> there's a disarray and disrepute that the republican party has fallen into. you want i want to come back to the memo about the time people spend on money, raising money. that is a terrible disservice to people. i think you do see with the independent expenditures and the money pumping in that it leaves people -- we should not draw false ekwifl ens because the republicans have been obstructionists far more than democrats. it leaves young republ
, no rise in the debt ceiling without an equal number of spending cuts. democrats are saying we're not negotiating with you as all, because as whyte white house press secretary jay carney said look what happened when we tried that in 2011 it resulted in a credit rating downgrade. >> he will not negotiate with congress when it comes to the essential responsibility of congress to pay the bills that congress has incurred. it would be irresponsible to flirt with default. we saw what happened in the summer of 2011 when congress did flirt with default. >> and i think we can conclude from the fiscal cliff debate, maria, is that congress and the white house won't reach an agreement before they absolutely have to, and don't rule out possibility that the white house could yet invoke constitutional authority to unilaterally raise that debt limit if congress is not willing to play ball with them. >> we'll be wag. thanks very much. how far can washington push this debt ceiling fight before damage is done to the economy? an economist with ftn financial joins us and steve liesman, our senior e
department said they were taking "extraordinary measures" to put off default. the debt ceiling debate is set to be the next big showdown in washington. both republicans and democrats have vowed to hold firm in their position. >>> and speaking of government spending, a report published monday says the obama administration spent $18 billion on immigration enforcement last year, more than on all the other federal law enforcement agencies combined and 15 times greater than immigration spending in 1986. the nonpartisan research group the migration policy institute says immigration has become the government's highest law enforcement priority. among those likely to be unhappy with that report, critics who say the administration has been soft on immigration violators. >>> after weeks of recovery from a concussion that led to a blood clot in her head, secretary of state hillary clinton was back in action monday as clinton presided over a state department meeting, her staff welcomed her back with a gag gift, a football helmet with the state department seal on it. she also got a football jersey with th
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.c. will hit our 16.4 trillion dollar debt ceiling on february 15th unless congress acts. republicans have said that they will not approve an increase to the debt ceiling, basically our credit limit, without some spending cuts. but a group of democrats have now sent a letter to president obama arguing that he doesn't really need the republicans to say okay to raising the debt ceiling, he can do it himself and if the republicans don't like it, they can take him to court. brit hume is our fox news senior political analyst, brit, so the democrats want president obama to say, if the republicans say you're not getting your debt ceiling increase unless you give us spending cuts, they want president obama to turn around and say i'm not giving them to you and if you refuse to raise the debt ceiling i'm just going to do it, if you don't like it, sue me. is this likely? >> well, i don't think it's a likely outcome and i think if it ever came to that that the president would almost certainly lose some of his administration's lawyers have said as much. and basically what it comes down to, there's a passage
decide when to raise official debt ceiling, when you melt down your coin. this is actually gaining steam among some democrats. castle said "that was never the intent of anything that i drafted or that anyone who worked with me drafted. it seems to me that whatever is being proposed here is a stretch beyond anything we were trying to do." and some folks don't think we can should do it at all. i asked barney frank about it earlier? >> things that seem really cute and clever almost never work. there is a reality to things. i think this is an important political fight to have, and i think we will win it. i think we say to them, okay, let's take it to the country, do you really want to say we wouldn't pay the debt that we incurred. >> but the platinum coin has also attracted powerful backers. a nobel prize winner wrote "should president obama be willing to print a trillion dollar platinum coin if republicans try to force americans into default" yes, we will, being faced with two alternatives, one, the coin, the other, both vile and a disaster. the president, he said should offer to sign a bil
trillion in new revenue as we near the debt ceiling. the prospect of sequester cuts obviously facing us. the export -- expiration of funding. joining us now, republican strategist and a former political director, former fox news contributor. good to have you here. he says there is not a problem with israel or his record on iran. he is a good fellow ready to do a good job. >> i was struck by the president's language in nominating him, saying that he represents bipartisanship. of course, what the president means is he is a republican agrees with me. the problem is, he has no support among republicans, and i think a lot of democrats will be troubled by some of the things as the said. he is going to have to put up the good fight for himself to when this. lou: are you surprised. the newly elected senator from the grace to the texas who is sort of out there even ahead of the other senator from texas, john corning, just running away with this nomination. >> he is a very effective guy. he beat the establishment candidate in texas. a tremendous campaigner and will be there for a long time in tex
of budget battles when congress would be asked to increase debt ceiling. >> congress can limit the debt. and should not allow the e a budget plan from the white house. and the democratic senate. >> but they would prefer congress sort out this. >> this is not a deal that the white house is going to have. >> that will continue. >> mike emanuel live on the north lawn. thank you. >>> european union warns of new divide in continent between rich and poor. the unemployment numbers peak and the social welfare systems spray. amy kellogg has disturbing job news from london tonight. >> the euro zone unemployment average reached all-time high of 11.8%. up from 11.7 in october. in country like italy, the situation is particularly dire. youth unemployment registered to 37%. >> here they are lined up with jobs accusation center. >> i don't have any trust in my country. absolutely not. no way out. we have our backs against the wall. either you leigh, if you stay here you are condemned. >> some blame the austerity measures that led to violence across the continent for aggravating the employment situatio
of democrats is calling on president obama to ignore the legal debt ceiling and barrow more morning without the consent of congress. they've signed a letter endorsing this drastic and legally questionable action, arguing the president could invoke the 14th amendment to raise the debt limit if republicans stand in his way. quote, in the event the speaker, that is speaker john boehner follows through on his reckless threat, they write. we would support your use of any authority available to you including the 14th amendment to preserve america's full faith and credit and preserve further damage to our economy. a new gallop poll says 77% of americans say washington politics is causing serious harm to the nation. let's talk about it with steven hayes a writer for "the weekly standard" and a fox news contributor. this would give the president unlimited power to raise the debt ceiling any time he wanted because he deems it in theest interest of the country? >> it would indeed. there is another proposal that's been floated out there that suggest -gs that the president mint a trillion dollar coin to
. the deal also did not tackle the impending debt ceiling, a debate that will likely consume congress in the months ahead. joining me from washington, david leonhardt, he is the washington bureau chief of the "new york times." from chicago, austan goolsbee, a professor at the university of chicago booth school of business and previously chairman of the president's council of economic advisors. i'm pleased to have both of them back on this program. david, let me begin with you and tell me exactly where you think we are having that january 1 up to the last minute deal. what is the order of business for the executive branch and the legislative branch to do something to develop some sense of predictability and certainty and a road map for the future. >> well, we just missed a pretty substantial opportunity thief happen because i think the bigger deals that were on the table that president obama and speaker boehner were talking about would have removed some of these up coming deadlines, like the debt ceiling. and they didn't get one of those bigger deals. instead they got something in whic
and the debt ceiling. what could be more important than 87 dead americans every single day including kids. historically the republican party has been owned by the nra and the democrats have been literally sort of kowtowed into submission. there is a debate finally going on and it's outrageous that the gun guys are saying--and i'm a gun owner--but it's crazy. they're saying arm teachers, armed guards at school. now in the face of 20 dead babies they're going to parade around their guns and say our president, who is absolutely a second amendment supporter. he has done nothing on guns in his four years is now saying let's have a background check and a ban on assault weapons. these are reasonable initiatives. >> jennifer: most of us watching this, and i know you are probably at the he head of this parade has seen this happen time and time again. there is always the focus and then it dies down. do you think that because of bloomberg's focus and financing that there could be a counter balance that might actually be effective as a way to battle the gun lobby in congress? >> i do think it's possi
for more taxes. you will see republicans say we are not going to give you an increase in the debt ceiling until the senate comes forward with a budget. that is pretty simple. that is what they are first salvo be. i think you are seeing the beginning back and forth. when it comes to jack lu, it is interesting. he works for oatmeal way back when. he works on that deal between oatmeal and reagan were they worked on social security. yet, the negotiations currently are to change entitlements. he has been pretty tough, according to republicans. dagen: it is that distant of a memory. bret, happy new year. it is great to see you. you can watch bret every weeknight. we will see you soon. the u.s. is planning to send planes and tanks to muslim brotherhood. we have former u.s. navy captain. connell: target will not rival prices all year round. details are ahead. we will be right back. school ss and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today
into the debt ceiling as early as feb. fifteenth unless congress reaches and agreement. joining us from both sides of the aisle republican congressman paul brown of georgia, democratic congressman john young of kentucky. thank you for joining us today. it will be a contentious issue. let me begin, the republicans saying they will agree to raise the debt if there's corresponding spending cuts otherwise they don't want to raise the debt ceiling. those two are really tied together, why would you not agree to that? >> right now is not the time to cut spending dramatically. we are faced with a struggling economy, a struggling recovery and every bit of government spending you can't comes out of the economy. if we hit the debt ceiling february 15th, the same bipartisan policy center report said we would basically take one month time, $165 billion out of the economy. that is 10% of gdp in one month. that would send the economy back into recession, unemployment would skyrocket again, we would be far worse off. we need a balanced approach to deficit reduction. we started on that track and need to cont
now envisions a fight playing out in a series won't that be fun? we can have a debt ceiling crisis every week now. >> that's leadership. >> stephanie: yes. unless obama agrees to trillions of sending cuts outright. if cracks are forming in the republicans offensive, democrats don't have to resort to unconventional means. we'll see what adam schiff thinks about this. because he knows a little something about something. >> he does. >> stephanie: bob in boston you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, bob. >> caller: how are you doing? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: any time people want to put guns in schools, why don't you just respond by saying fort hood. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: how come so many people died at fort hood at the hands of one shooter. >> stephanie: columbine also there was an armed guard. yeah, that's just a ridiculous idea. >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: that's just dumb. okay. twenty-nine minutes after the hour. charlie pierce next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is th
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)